10 Hidden IOS Features, Which Many Do Not Guess

10 Hidden IOS Features, Which Many Do Not Guess

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Welcome to our next article, in this article, you will know about 10 hidden IOS features which you will not guess, let’s find out the most interesting features and settings.

10 Hidden IOS Features –

Here are top 10 hidden IOS features which may help or guide you to make/do your work easier…

Weather widget on the lock screen, second face in Face ID and other system chips.


  1. Weather widget –

Beautiful welcome widgets with the weather just showed at the presentation, but they work far from everyone. And the whole fault is the geolocation setting. To enable these weather widgets, go to “Settings” → “Privacy” → “Location Services” → “Weather” and always allow access to the geo-location.

Weather widget

Now in the morning, when you take the iPhone in your hands, he will wish you a good morning and show you the weather forecast.


  1. Do not disturb the geolocation mode –

Another non-obvious function related to geolocation is the ability to use the location as a trigger to disable the Do Not Disturb mode.

Do not disturb the geolocation mode

With a strong click on the crescent icon, you can now call the extended menu, where there is an item “Before I leave this location“. This option will be very useful for enabling the Do Not Disturb mode for a meeting period or in a public place, such as a movie theater.


  1. Track-pad mode on devices without 3D Touch –

About the possibility of moving the cursor on the keyboard did not guess even some owners of iPhone 6s and newer gadgets, not to mention devices without support for 3D Touch. In iOS 12, Apple has added a track-pad mode to all smartphones.

Track-pad mode on devices without 3D Touch

To activate it, press the space-bar and, without lifting your finger from the screen, navigate around it, controlling the cursor.


  1. The second person in Face ID –

A very useful feature “Alternative Appearance” will now allow you to add the face of another person to Face ID.

The second person in Face ID

This opportunity is useful to spouses and anyone who wants to open a trusted person access to their iPhone. To use the function, open Settings → Face ID and pass-code → Alternate appearance and follow the prompts of the setup wizard.


  1. Support for third-party password managers –

Earlier autocomplete passwords in Safari and other applications worked only for passwords from the “i Cloud Key-chain“.

Support for third-party password managers

In iOS 12, this feature is also supported by third-party password managers. You can enable auto-complete for 1Password or Last-pass by going to Settings → Passwords and Accounts → Auto-fill passwords and selecting the desired application from the list. If the toggle switch “Autocomplete passwords” is disabled, it must be enabled first.


  1. Passing passwords by AirDrop –

Another function related to passwords, which many do not even guess. In iOS 12, you can transfer them by AirDrop to nearby devices.

Passing passwords by AirDrop

The only condition is that both devices must work on iOS 12 or macOS Mojave. To share the password, go to Settings → Passwords and accounts → Site and program passwords, open the password you want, and then, while holding your finger on it, select AirDrop from the pop-up menu. After that, specify the device to which you want to send the password, and confirm the receipt from it. The password will be saved in the “Key-chain“.


  1. Finding songs in Apple Music by text –

If you do not remember the name of the song, it does not matter. In Apple Music on iOS 12, you can find the track you like not only by name but also by the phrase from the verse or chorus.

Finding songs in Apple Music by text

Just enter into the standard search field a few words from the song and select the appropriate result from the output. At the moment, however, this function does not work very well and does not find many well-known hits.


  1. Safari Favicon –

More recently, the Favicon has appeared in Safari on the macOS, and this feature is already available in Apple’s mobile OS.

Safari Favicon

By default, the website icons are disabled. To make them appear on the tabs, you will first have to go to Settings → Safari and turn on the “Show icons on tabs” tumbler.


  1. “Live-listening” function –

One of the universal access functions “Live-listening“, which appeared in iOS 12, will be useful not only to people with hearing problems but also to all who want to not lose touch with the world when listening to music.

Live listening function

It uses the iPhone’s microphone and transmits sound from it to AirPods or other compatible headphones. In this case, the volume can be adjusted by adding to the mix. To activate the function, open Settings → Control point → Configure items. and add the “Hearing” button. Then it will remain activated in the “Control Point” panel.


  1. Automatic iOS update –

By default, the automatic system update function is disabled, so you can easily overlook it. To keep your iPhone always up to date, it is recommended to enable it.

Automatic iOS update

To do this, open Settings → General → Software Update → Auto Update and turn on the same toggle switch. Now iOS will automatically download and install updates when connected to the charging and Wi-Fi network.

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