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Computer Awareness Series 1 – “Points to Remember”

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By this post, you will learn some points to Remember which is very helpful in an interview, exams and enhance your general skill so let’s check out the points.

Points tO Remember –

There are lots of points to remember related to computer & technology some are given below.

  1. A semiconductor is used in Ram. “Data” can be read, write & accessed by random access memory Ram, it is a volatile memory.
  2. TCP/IP is the standard protocol of the internet. Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) in “32-bit” & IPv6 is the “64-bit” format.
  3. USB means “Universal Serial Bus
  4. CMOS means “Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor.”
  5. An Operating System is a System Software.
  6. We use “Secondary Storage” to store a large volume of data.
  7. The nick-name of IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) is “Big Blue.
  8. WWW means “World Wide Web
  9. PROM, EPROM & EEPROM are the types of ROM ( Read Only Memory) it is a non-volatile memory.
  10. 8 bit is equal to 1 byte.
  11. In 1 MB there are one million bytes of information. (1mb = 1024kb)
  12. Computers Microprocessor was introduced in the “Fourth Generation
  13. In printing, the output resolution of the printer is measured in dpi (dots per Inch)
  14. Multiprocessing” allows you to work two or more users in same time.
  15. ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Administration Network) is the first Computer Network.
  16. “Windows” is a Personal Computer Operating System made by “Microsoft“. Microsoft was founded by Paul Allen and Bill Gates on April 4, 1975.
  17. A Motherboard is a Circuit board which connects all the elements & interface with Microprocessor, BIOS ( basic input-output system), Memory & Storage devices.
  18. Binary number system consists only o & 1.
  19. Cache Memory is faster than other Memory.
  20. The Computer of Application consists Word Processing, Database, Spreadsheets & Graphics.
  21. Mark 1 is the first automatic digital Computer.
  22. Sound Card is used to producing audio output sound to hear that.
  23. Connecting with two or more Computer together known Computer Network.
  24. Track Ball & Light Pen are pointing devices.
  25. In 1946, ENIAC ( Electronic Numerical Integrator & Computer) was invented to compute thousand times faster than old machines.
  26. The SuperComputer of India is “PARAM ISHAN
  27. The inventor of “World Wide Web” (www) is Tim Bernelsi (Tim Berners-Lee)
  28. The founder of webmail company are Sabeer Bhatia
  29. The Chairman Of Microsoft Corporation  is Bill Gates
  30. The Protocol of Wireless LAN (Wireless Local Area Network) is based on IEEE 802.11
  31. The Youtube Associated with “GOOGLE
  32. The “Wisdom Of Mass Principle” is Associated with “Wikipedia
  33. The Sony developed Blu-Ray technology.
  34. First “Technopark” is a technology park in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India.
  35. The Cost of “Windows Vista” Production is “$7BILLION”.
  36. The “ILOVEYOU” Virus is an example of Script Virus.
  37. The base in Binary Number System is – 2.
  38. Direct X is a software that drives Graphics hardware.

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