Convert Your Non-Touch Screen Computer Into Touch Screen

Convert Your Non-Touch Screen Computer Into Touch Screen –

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By this post, you will know about some devices which help you to convert your non-touch screen into a touchscreen. yes, you will make your old laptop, desktop, netbook into a touchscreen with the help of AirBar & Touch Pen.

Convert Your Non-Touch Screen Computer Into Touch Screen –

There are some devices on the market which help you to change your non-touch screen into a touch screen with the help of your Computer USB Port without making any changes to its hardware.

Now, what is AirBar & how it works?

AirBar by Neonode 

airbar fixingeek

AirBar is a device which brings the touch technology to virtually it starts emitting a beam of invisible light across your screen which is used to track Or record your finger touch, movements & gestures. it’s plug & touch very simple.

How to connect AirBar with your laptop, desktop & netbook –

Its plug & play it’s very easy to attach with your screen follow the procedure.

  • Now, Peel the small round pieces of paper off the two magnets on the back of your AirBar device (this should help the magnets’ to sticky on a surface).
  • Simply attach the AirBar with the included magnets to the bottom of your screen and plug in the USB cord.
  • When your driver has been installed then you can enjoy your screen into a touchscreen.
  • When you are closing your laptop simply detach it from the magnets and unplug the device.
  • Here is a short video which helps you to understand better

Touch Pen & how works –

Now come to the touch pen it also works as like as AirBar function, simply attached with your screen and plug into a USB port & enjoy.

Touch Pen Fixingeek

Here is the short video how to attached a touch pen with your laptop, desktop, netbook & Chromebook.

Another option is you can take remote of your laptop, netbook screen with your Android phone, Tablet by using these android apps –
  • Team Viewer
  • Android VNC Viewer

These apps will allow you to control your windows screen on a tablet but it’s not a great ideal for a long time solution for working with your windows screen.

Want to visit the site of AirBar – 

Wanna Buy – If you want to buy by here then click on link –

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