Essentials to Follow When Making a Fashion Illustration

Essentials to Follow When Making a Fashion Illustration

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A Fashion Illustration Some Essentials to follow –

Illustration has a wide scope in the digital world. From making illustrations for videos to drawings to accessories and clothing line, there is massive use of it in a huge variety of industries. However, every artwork becomes appealing when it is laid according to certain criteria and principles. You need to follow the steps accordingly and make sure to incorporate finishing.

In the world of fashion, now brands are making an exceptionally captivating illustration to launch their new clothing line or to give an idea of their fashion trends through their masterpiece infusing the right blend of shades and making realistic drawings.  If you want to improve your sense of fashion illustrations, here is a mini guide you must follow:

Pay Attention to The Anatomy

When planning to prepare an illustration for a new clothing line, you need to first understand the anatomy of a human body. You need to draw the basic figure appropriately keeping every proportion at its right size. Your work will highlight a realistic approach and it can guarantee better outcomes. You will be able to prepare a dress properly when you know what the right cuts are and how to give a proper shape to it.

From deciding the gesture to the body weight and proportion of curves, all play an important role in highlighting the beauty of your dress and in measuring the sixes of the dress to be prepared. Sometimes, fashion photographers try to copy exactly the pose illustrated by the designer, in such cases if a hard-pressed body wearing a heavy dress is displayed, how the artist can become able to find a model with such an abnormal figure.

Optimize the Style

The first step involves understanding the basic figure of a body and its proportion to stay on realistic grounds. After that, you have to take a step ahead and work on optimizing the style. You can mold the figure according to your dress needs. If you want to make a model with long-legs or perfect jawline, you can make the required changes. Similarly, you can enhance the facial feature and hands. Make as many appealing figures as you can so that your dress beams with an appeal.

Moreover, it’s important to stick to reality but to depict the right excellence of your dress or attire, you can even exaggerate some of the features. You can make the legs extra straight or body extra curvy. However, every designer has different preferences, there are many who only rely on water illustration while some of them go for making ultra-realistic drawings.

Static or Motion Illustration

There are two sorts of illustration- static or motion. However, here you will discuss that motion graphics which is displayed on static grounds. The fashion illustrations are all drawn on the ground where the designer tends to reflect the fabric quality and hot to carry it in style, through imagery. In the picture form, the model is created to show a subtle movement. With loosely fallen curls on shoulders to a slightly movement-depicting gown, with an action to show a catwalk, all of these aspects highlight the many traits of the dress. The viewers become able to judge the fabric quality and t6ecture just by watching the illustration.

Tell a Story & Connect With The Viewers

Certain features and aspects are there that can help you add an emotional essence into your illustration. Your image can send positive and refreshing vibes to the viewers as well. You need to pick the colors wisely along with adding more facial features like expressions, a wide-eye, or a cute smile on the face that can draw the viewers towards your illustration more actively.

Moreover, you can add some background as well or a particular setting that goes fit with your dress. You can make your model walk down a busy road or showcasing her to run some everyday errands. In such way, the viewers can become able to relate themselves and it will increase your likelihood to make a handsome profit. Once you learn how to capture the emotions of viewers, you will be able to make everything work so well. So, grab the trick and draw attention effectively.

Highlight the Fabric and its Texture

The most important part of an illustration is to properly identify the different traits of the picture. If it’s about the illustration for a fashionable clothing line, you will have to add the shadowing effect to enhance the texture. You will have to show the thin line between a piece of cotton fabric and a silk piece.

You can use external elements like the use of pearls or flowers to connect the dots. Your illustration should show the image realistically so that the viewers do not find it fake or unreal. You have to throw the impression of whether the dress is lightweight or a thick one. Will it be cool and comfortable or warm and heavy?

Experiment Different Patterns – You must practice and experiment with a variety of patterns based on the preferences of your target audience. You can either go designing patterns for a similar fabric or by mixing different fabric quality. You can make a flower printed long dress while designing some short Tees, for the same figure just to give a better idea of your clothing line.

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