Foods That Can Become Problems For Your Teeth

Foods That Can Become Problems For Your Teeth

The health of your teeth will depend on the foods you eat. If you’re careful with food choices, your teeth will forever be healthy and disease-free. If you eat sugary items and acidic foods in excess, this can damage your enamel and even lead to dental decay over time. Not all foods and drinks are good for your oral health and the earlier you understand this the better. Excessive consumption of sugar may lead to plaque formation which in turn helps bacteria to release acids and weaken the tooth enamel. Poor food choices can affect your teeth greatly, so you should be careful.

Here are some of foods that can become problem for your teeth –

1. Sour Candies

Candy is bad for your teeth. Sore candies even cause more harm to your oral health. They have different types of acids which can be harsh on your teeth. More so, the sticky nature of candies makes then cling to the teeth for a longer duration, so the chances of decay are higher with them. You should stop eating sour candies or at least, cut back on their amount to maintain the health of your teeth. You can have a square of chocolate instead to satiate the craving for sweet as this does not harm much.

2. Citrus

Any food or fruit that contains acid is always bad for your teeth. That’s why consumption of lemons, oranges and grapefruits are not recommended in excess even if they are rich in vitamin C. The problem with citrus fruits and juices is only their acid content which can make the teeth prone to decay. However, moderate consumption of citrus fruits and juices, coupled with oral care, can keep away the risks to your teeth. So, you can eat them in limit and get the required vitamins and antioxidants but take care to wash the mouth and teeth immediately after to avoid harms.  

3. Dried Fruits

Dried fruits may be good for your health, but they are surely not favourable to your teeth, at least some of them. Because, many such fruits be it prunes, raisins or apricots are sticky in nature so they will cling on to the teeth for longer and cause more damages along the way. They can stay stuck into dental crevices and fill lots of sugar there, so chances of cavities are always greater. You however can minimize their risks by rinsing the mouth and flossing the teeth after eating them.

4. Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks are very harmful to your oral healthy. Their excessive consumption could damage the enamel and weaken the roots of the teeth over time. When you drink soda, it helps the plaque in mouth produce more acid which in turn can attack the enamel and harm your oral health. Sipping soda or cold drinks or carbonated drinks is like coating the teeth in acid and you know acid can be extremely damaging to your teeth. Plus, coloured soda or drinks also carry the risk of stains or discoloration so it’s better you stay away from them.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol is not only bad for your overall health but also for your teeth. Its consumption carries the risk of making your mouth dry and in that condition, the level of saliva in oral cavity is negatively impacted. And if saliva is not there, plaque, food debris and bacterial growth will happen to cause severe harm to your oral health. It’s the presence of saliva in your mouth that helps wash away food particles and prevent plaque formation or build up. That’s why dentists advise against alcohol and recommend drinking plenty of water along the way to maintain the oral hydration level. 

6. Bread & potato chips

Consumption of bread means the saliva in the mouth will break down the starch into sugar. The gummy substance will then stick to the gaps and crevices between the teeth which is how cavities are caused. Such risks are not there when you eat items that lack added sugar and are hard to break, like whole wheat. The same happens when you eat potato chips as they are also packed with starch which can be broken into sugar and get trapped in the teeth to cause acid formation. 

7. Ice

Ice may first appear innocuous to teeth, but it can actually cause irreparable damage. When you chew on ice, which is a hard substance, it can not only damage the enamel but may also leave you with broken, cracked or chipped teeth. You may be left with loosened crowns as well if the restorative work is not done perfectly as icy is quite hard. You, however, can consult a top dentist Greenpoint to know more about the damaged to teeth caused by substances like ice, etc. This will help you prepare better when it comes to oral care.

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