Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcut Key

Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcut Key –

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By this post, you will learn some shortcuts key which is used to speed up your working speed when you are working on the internet with your Browsers.

How to Open Chrome Browser Through RUN Command-

First Press windows key and hold that key and then press R key at a Sametime or together now there will a box appears to name of RUN – type in the run dialog box
Chrome” and hit enter. ↵

Open Mozilla Firefox – Same press “Windows key + R key” and type in run box – “FireFox” and hit enter. ↵

Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcut Key –

Here is some list of keyboard shortcut key of Google Chrome browser see the table below.

Google Chrome ActionKeyboard Shortcut Keys
Do private browsing press Ctrl + Shift + N  key
Open a new browser windowCtrl + N  key
Open a new tab in same browserCtrl + T  key
Check Browsing historyCtrl + H  key
Scroll up your pageShift + Spacebar, Or PageUp key
Scroll down your pageSpacebar  Or  PageDown key
Switch to next tab in forward way Ctrl + Tab,  Or  Ctrl + PageDn key
Switch to Last tab in backward wayCtrl + Shift + Tab  Or  Ctrl + PageUp Key
Reopen your last tab that has closed by mistakenCtrl + Shift + T key
Reload a pageF5,  Or  Ctrl + R  key
Open Home page in current tabAlt + Home Button
Select everything on a pageCtrl + A key
Perform or Do a Google searchCtrl + K   Or   Ctrl + E key
Open bookmark managerCtrl  +  Shift +  O key
Bookmark bar show or hideCtrl  +  Shift  +  B key
Open download pageCtrl + J key
Open the Chrome Task ManagerShift + Esc key
Switch focus to the Address, Bookmarks barCtrl + L,  F6 key
Minimize the current windowAlt + Space + N key
Open the Find Bar to search the current pageCtrl + F Or F3 key
Open Developer ToolsCtrl + Shift + J Or F12 key
Open the Clear Browsing Data Ctrl + Shift + Delete key
Save your current web page as a bookmark Ctrl + D key
Save all open tabs as bookmarks in a new folderCtrl + Shift + D key
Make everything on the page bigger zoom inCtrl and + key
Make everything on the page smaller zoom outCtrl and - key
Open options to print the current pageCtrl + P key
Close the current windowAlt + F4 key
Turn full-screen mode on or offF11 key
Quit Google ChromeCtrl + Shift + Q key

These shortcut key are used in Google Chrome and also mostly work in Mozilla Firefox.

To download Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox click below  –

Shortlink to download Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox Browser.

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If you want to know more about shortcut key for more knowledge check this Article –

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