How To Speed-Up MY Computer Using A Pen-Drive As Ram

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By this post you will know about how to use your pen drive as a ram, make your pen drive as a ram, speed-up your laptop/desktop using a Pen Drive, SD Card, make your pen drive as a ready-boost for your computer to increase your computer performance or it will speed-up your computer performance or not, its worthy or harmful everything all about this topic i will try to explain you as much as i can, well for more info you have to read full content sO lets move on the next line.

To move on the process first let’s increase Our knowledge area and to know more about it.

Computer’s have two kinds of Storage — First one is Temporary and Permanent Memory. A Computer’s memory is used for temporary storage, while a computer’s Hard drive is used for permanent storage.

The overall performance of a computer is dependent on two things :-

  1. The Processing Speed, controlled by the Processor.
  2. The available RAM, which can hold the running services in its memory.

Reason for slow processing of your Computer :-

There are many reason for slow processing but one of the most reason is low memory on RAM. When we run any application, music file, game all these things are run in temporary memory. If we run lots of number of tasks at same time then you may face not responding problem. Because RAM, Paging and Cache memory is lesser that your current apps requirements. In that condition you need to increase your system RAM because many programs take lots of memory during operation to avoid this make your pen drive as a ram which allow your system to handle more operations and tasks. 

Now, We have to know what Is RAM or how it control our system processing.

What is RAM (Random access memory) :-

It is a non volatile (temporally) memory of our system & A Physical hardware inside a Computer which store data temporarily, means after switch off the computer it loose its all data and when we start the System of Operating Systems (Window’s) & other’s file are load once again on RAM and then our computer became start when we give any command to our system first of all that will load on RAM and then the command will work. Because it is a temporally memory it used to refresh its data lose old data and upload new data. In a Simple way the purpose of RAM is to provide quick read and write access to a storage device.

How RAM Control Our System Processing :- 

As we know all of our programs, OS and commands will work after load on RAM in that case If RAM memory of our system is 2GB. Then 50% memory occupied by window, 30% occupied by our software’s now we have left 20% RAM. If we work on two tasks our RAM will become full and cant give us proper processing speed.

If we want to increase our RAM and go to market to purchase the RAM that will be very costly, so In that case we need a temporary RAM which can make our system processing speed faster and It will help a lot in multitasking & gaming purpose.

Few Reasons Why You Should Use a Pen Drive As External RAM :-

In the condition of low memory on RAM our system functionality doesn’t work properly, or some time system got hanged then our work will be delayed or rotation of our work will be break. On the other hand if some one will be see the low processing and hanging problem then we will feel an awkward moment, but if we will use it some one will see our advanced work or we will feel internally proud.

  • Speed up computers with low configuration.
  • Play games.

Now Friends Let’s know about READYBOOST What is ReadyBoost ?

What is ReadyBoost ?

Microsoft first introduced the functionality to use an USB drive or SD card as a memory cache in Windows Vista in the form of a feature known as ReadyBoost. The feature was also inherited to Windows 7 and later, ReadyBoost option will help your computer use your flash drive as RAM, however it will not help to physically increase your installed “RAM”. But it will help your Windows to run a little faster.

“ReadyBoost really has nothing to do with RAM. The goal of ReadyBoost is two-fold :-

  1. It can add to the amount of DISK storage in your system by including USB memory.
  2. It can increase the performance of DISK I/O (reads/writes) via an intelligent caching mechanism. It can also encrypt data on the USB drive in case security is an issue.”

In a simply way – ReadyBoost is a feature that allows the system to store required data in an external media for some time. The real driving force behind is SuperFetch – A disk cache management system in Windows that speeds up your system. SuperFetch creates a temporary cache on the main memory itself. Thus, using ReadyBoost can be an advantage if your system is low on RAM.

How To Speed-Up MY Computer Using A Pen-Drive As Ram :-

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