How to Submit Your Website-Blog to UC News-

How to Submit Your Website/Blog To UC News?

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Welcome to FixinGeek, by this post you will know about What is UC News? How to submit your website or blog in UC News?, How to increase traffic to your blog/website by UC- news?, How to earn online money by UC Web Media?  and some facts related to UC News and lot’s more.

What Is UC Web News?

UC News is a platform where you can read all kinds of articles, trending topics, news, entertainment content and so on. UC News is available as an application and simultaneously you can read UC news content in the UC browser.

UC Browser is the most powerful browser and very popular in one of the most read news portals. There are 1million users that use the UC News portal/application.

It is not an easy part to submit your blog or website. You have to verify your site by UC News portal first then you can share your articles. If your site has been submitted by UC news then it helps you to drive more traffic to your website.

How To Approve Your Website/Blog To UC News Portal –

UC News will take more than a week to approve your blog or website to activate it. In UC News Portal the submitting process is very easy.
Here is the process that how to submit your website or blog in UC News so let’s check out.
Before submitting the blog or website some point is important to take a look–

  • Make your website responsive to both mobile/desktop users.
  • Your website does not have copy-paste content.
  • Your website has a simple and catchy layout.
  • Your website has at least 30 unique articles if not then write or add at least 25.
  • Each and every Post/page have a featured image.
  • Do not post/publish wrong information on your website/blog.
  • Your website has an About us, Contact us, Disclaimer, Privacy policy or Terms & Conditions pages.
  • Must have a pan card detail/image, personal photo and tax form.

Note – Use this link to sign up and to submit your website or blog.

How to submit blog/website in UC News Portal – UC We-Media

How To Submit/Publish Your Blog/Website To UC We-Media News Portal –

Here is some step to submit or publish your website/blog take a look and follow instructions.

Step 1 – Open this link to UC We-Media. If you don’t have an account then click on signup button and fill your information like –

  • Enter your E-mail id.
  • Enter your password again confirm password.
  • Invitation code if you have (Invitation code is that code if you have been invited by the community or by someone else by code. It’s a referral code; you can leave it if you don’t have).
  • Enter verification code fill the captcha.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Check if all the submitted information was correct then click on Continue.

Step 2 – Now verify your mail address by clicking the verification link.

Step 3 – After verifying your mail address/account, choose the type of account personal or company. As we need personal or if you have an organization then choose as a company and fill out each and every detail like –

  • Upload account image.
  • Fill out your account name, website/blog details, and category.
  • Choose blog/website language.
  • Enter the account operator’s name.
  • Fill Your pan card number.
  • Submit your pan card image in .jpg format.

Follow Guideline –

1. Your PAN card photo. The photo must be clear and all information can be seen.
2. The photo length >=500px, width >=500px, and cannot be greater than 5M.
3. Only jpg format is supported.

  • Submit your personal photo –

Follow Guideline –

1. Life Photo should not be the same as per the pan card.
2. Life Photo should not in group pics. Only accept Single person image.
3. The face should be clearly visible in the photo.

  • Enter your phone number.
  • Enter blog/website related social site links.
  • Ignore tax form if you don’t have it. (If you have then submitted otherwise leave)
  • Accept terms and conditions.
  • Click on continue.

This message blink on your screen when you click on continue.

Your account is under review.

inform you when your application is processed in 10 working days.

After submitting your blog the UC We-Media News Portal team will review your application, blog or website After successful approval By UC We-Media News, Automatically your website will get index through Aksotn.

Now When You Get Approved Then Your Posts Will Automatically Post In Uc News.

Step 4 – Or Manually You Can Submit Your Article Posts –

Now, you just need to go to and sign in and click on “Submit an article“.  Put your post link there and modify it as you want.

After your articles get published, then you will be getting a good number of views on your articles. Also, you can view your articles on UC News Application.

How To Earn Online Money By Uc Web News Media?

If any of your posts get 2000+ views, then you can apply for Ad Monetization through which revenue will be generated and automatically transferred to your bank account. Earn Money online write an article, news anything with your writing skill on UC news media programs where you can monetize your content and earn money online.

That’s it! You are ready to get traffic from UC News. You will get 10-20 visitors/day. But, you want more right? Don’t worry. We will help you to get 10,000 visitors/day.

Uc Web News Media Related Facts –

  1. UC Browser is the most popular browser of the mobile platform and it is available on all platforms like Android, iOS, Windows.
  2. UC Browser is owned by Alibaba Group, which is China’s largest online e-commerce company.
  3. Year of UC Web Browser launched/founded in 2004
  4. 100 million above active users
  5. number of UC web employees are 3000
  6. UC browser covered 150 countries
  7. UC Browser 12.0. Launched in Jakarta on Thursday, 1 February 2018
  8. If you submit your website/blog to UC news then it will not have any negative effect on your blog or website nor will there be any effect on Adsense.
  9. NOTE:– If you select your “account type” to “organization” that you also need to tell your organization’s “Corporate Identification Number(CIN)“. In the “Private” account type, you don’t need that.

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