Keep Your Android Device clean with Phone Cleaner App

Keep Your Android Device Clean With Cache Cleaner App

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Keep Your Android Device Clean With Cache Cleaner App –

Keep Your Android Device Clean With Cache Cleaner App

Keep Your Android Device Clean, Boost-Up Your Phone With Cache Cleaner App on Google Play Store –

Android cleaners on the Google Play Store claim to keep your phone clean. They also promise a lot of other features so that you are convinced to download them.

But how useful are they able to prove themselves? Do they really get the job done? Or are they simply ineffective against junk files and viruses?

Well, the answers will vary depending on the phone cleaner you are using. In today’s blog, we will discuss in details about one such junk cleaner and cache cleaner appITL Phone Cleaner that is quite popular among Android users.

What is ITL Phone Cleaner (Best Cache Cleaner for Android)?

ITL Phone Cleaner is one of the most recommended cache cleaner and phone booster app on the Play Store today. And well, it is considered the best in its genre for a reason.

Not just it covers all the basic features expected of a cleaner for Android, it comes with amazing extras to keep users on the loop.

Let’s start with the highlighted features of the app:-

  • It cleans junk files, cached data, and empty folders.
  • It optimizes RAM.
  • It can boost phone performance in a single tap.
  • It cools down CPU temperature and extends battery life.
  • It boosts gaming speed.

  • It deletes duplicate photos and similar looking one.
  • It manages all apps with ease.
  • It offers real-time protection against virus attacks.

Having mentioned that, now let’s find out how the app functions.

How ITL Phone Cleaner functions?

 With a simple user interface, ITL Phone Cleaner is quite easy to use. You don’t require much technical knowledge to use this app. Go to the Play Store, download it and launch the app on your phone.

After you have done that, the home screen highlights the important features of the app.

Junk Cleaner:-

 Junk cleaner does exactly want the name suggests – cleans junk. It analyses and scans your device for unused folders, temporary data, junk files, etc. and deletes them. Removing such files can clean up and optimize your device instantly.

What does junk cleaner do?

  • It removes cached data, junk files, empty folders, apks and residual data with a single touch.
  • Its advanced monitoring technique helps you avoid unwanted device lags.
  • You recover more space and maximize your phone’s performance.

Phone Boost:-

 ITL Phone Cleaner can terminate those stubborn apps from running in the background with just a single tap. You can boost your phone anytime you want and noticeably improve its functioning in a few seconds.

What does phone boost do?

  • It identifies and kills heaving processes running on the background.
  • It releases more RAM for a smoother Android experience.
  • It accelerates your phone speed by up to 50%.

Social Cleaning:-

This one cleans and manages all your social media files. It scans for images, videos and audio files received through various social media applications on your phone and helps you clear up disk space.

What does social cleaning do?

  • It helps you manage social media data on your phone.
  • It cleans unnecessary media files for more space.
  • You can review all media files from the same screen.

Battery Saver:-

Extend Android’s battery life with battery saver. It displays remaining battery time, battery capacity, temperature and accurate usage time left so that you are able to get better control of your device.

What does battery saver do?

  • It lets you control Wifi, Bluetooth, Vibration, Brightness, etc. to save more battery life.
  • You can create customized battery profiles to enable or disable power settings according to your preference.
  • It also prevents power hungry apps from running in the background.

Duplicate Photos Remover:-

Scan your duplicate and similar looking photos with ITL Phone Cleaner’s Duplicate Photos Remover feature. Undoubtedly, one of the most useful modules, this one lets you delete such photos in one-tap.

What does duplicate photos remover do? 

  • It offers a completely automated searching.
  • It helps you remove duplicate photos effortlessly.
  • You can set the matching level manually to improve your search results.

Antivirus for Android:-

Antivirus for Android feature protects your phone from malicious apps and unauthorized users. It offers complete security for your Android device, detects viruses in real-time and keeps it running at its best performance.

What does antivirus do?

  • It scans applications and protects your device from crucial threats.
  • It offers real-time protection for virus attacks.
  • It detects malicious programs and virus affected applications on your phone.

App Manager:-

App Manager helps you keep your phone organized. It lets you uninstall apps you hardly use and has been occupying device memory for no reason. This feature makes app management easier.

What does app manager do?

  • It lets you manage installed apps on your device.
  • You can backup APKs to restore them in the future.

ITL Phone Cleaner also has a fully functioning CPU cooler that keeps your device temperature under control, a game booster that can help boost gaming speed and a notification cleaner to clean your notification history.

The Verdict –

ITL Phone Cleaner has a lot to offer. With a good cache cleaner, app manager, game booster, battery saver and phone booster, it has a great tool to speed up your Android and keep it clean. Totally worth the try!

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