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How To Make A Pen-Drive Bootable ?

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How are you, friends? I m back after a long time so friends in this post you will learn the process to make your pen drive bootable now what is the use of bootable pen drive? Bootable pen drive will help you to install the windows without CD. So read the full article to increase your knowledge area and create your pen-drive bootable…

What is Bootable Pen-drive?

Bootable Pendrive is mainly used to recover, repair or to install windows operating system in your system through Pendrive is called bootable pen-drive.

How To Make A Pen-Drive Bootable?

Friends, basically there are lots of methods to create your pen drive bootable. You can make your pen drive bootable with the help of software or command prompt. There are lots of software on the market with the help of software you can also create your pen drive bootable.

If you want to make bootable Pendrive just follow the steps one by one..

Step 1- With The Help Of Command Prompt –

To create a bootable Pen drive insert your pen drive into a running computer…

  1. Now Open a Command Prompt window as an administrator or if you are already login to your admin account then just press – “Windows + R key” and type “cmd” or “cmd.exe” in run dialog box & hit ok. To open command prompt window as an administrator press – “Windows key” type in search box “cmd” then “right click” on “cmd” and click on – “run as an administrator”
  2. when your command prompt opens then in command prompt type “diskpart” and hit enter. (Wait for a while until the DISKPART program runs then click “yes” to run diskpart.
  3. In Second windows of your command prompt type “list disk”  to view active disk on your computer and hit enter. (Disk 0 for hard drive and Disk 1 for your USB)
  4. Type “select disk 1” to determine your pen drive and hit enter.
  5. Type “clean” to clean your all data of your pen drive and hit enter.
  6. Type ”create partition primary” to create a primary partition of your pen drive and hit Enter.
  7. Type ”select partition 1” for setting up it as an active partition and hit Enter.
  8. Type ”active” for activating current partition and hit Enter.
  9. Type ”format fs=ntfs quick” to format your pen drive and hit Enter.
  10. Type ”assign” to give the thumb drive a letter designation and hit Enter.
  11. Type ‘exit‘ and hit Enter & again type “exit” to log out.

Your Pendrive will be bootable now to install Windows from a bootable USB drive, we just need to copy the whole installation files contained on the DVD installer to flash drive. Now your pen drive is ready for installing your OS…..

Tutorial – Here is a Short video how to make or create your pen drive bootable –

Step 2 – With the help of Software –

as usually, I told to earlier there are lots of software to create your pen drive bootable in the second step you will know how to make your pen drive bootable with the help of PowerISO Software. if installed PowerISO software on your computer then open if not then you can download PowerISO by clicking Here – PowerISO Software.

  1. Insert your Pendrive & open your PowerISO Software to open Press “windows key” & in the search box type “poweriso” when it appears on top then right click on PowerISO and click on run as administrator.
  2. When your PowerISO software will open then click on tools and click on create bootable USB drive. 
  3. Now select your Source file from the folder where you have the iso image of windows or DVD/CD & click on Start.
  4. then a small popup will appear on your screen do you want to continue to continue your process click “ok“. 
  5. Now after completing the process one msg will also appear on your screen like this –

it means your process has been done and you have successfully created your bootable pen drive now you are able to install windows OS on your system through your pen drive.

Tutorial – Here is a 2nd Short video how to make or create your pen drive bootable –

Note –

Here is another software name RUFUS you can also create your pen drive bootable with the help of this software want to download click here – RUFUS

Note – Configure Your Bios Setting to install windows OS Through pen-drive –

After finish, the bootable process restarts the computer and select boot priority USB Drive.
Without selecting boot priority your system will not take the boot from Pendrive.

To configure bios please follow the process –

  • Reboot Or Restart the system.
  • Before Windows starts loading get into the BIOS configuration screen by hitting something like F1, F2, Delete or Escape key it will also give instructions of hotkey to go to your bios setting.
  • Go to the section that contains your boot devices and select your second boot device priority a USB device (i mean your USB Flash drive.)
  • Exit from the BIOS configuration, saving all changes press f10 to save your setting.
  • After changes, your bios setting your system will start booting then quickly press function key f12 or (it will also appear on your screen see and press that key) to enter the process of booting to installing windows OS select your boot device your pen drive.
  • follow the instructions to install Windows OS in your system.

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