microsoft word keyboard shortcut keys

Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcut Keys –

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By this post, you will learn about some useful shortcut key when you are working in Microsoft Word then these shortcut key will help you to save your time –

Learn these Shortcut Key & be expert in Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word keyboard Shortcut Keys –

Here is some list of Microsoft Word Application Keyboard shortcut key is given below in the table.

Microsoft Word ActionKeyboard Shortcut Keys
Select all content of the page pressCtrl + A key
Copy selected text pressCtrl + C key
Open font dialog box pressCtrl + D key
Open a find box pressCtrl + F key
Go to box press Ctrl + G key
Replace box pressCtrl + H key
For bold Highlighted selection pressCtrl + B key
Aligns the line Or selected text to the center of the screen pressCtrl + E key
For italic highlighted selection press Ctrl + I key
Insert link pressCtrl + K key
Indent the paragraph pressCtrl + M key
To Close the current file pressCtrl + W key
To Create a Hanging indent press Ctrl + T key
Undo the last action pressCtrl + Z key
Cut selected text pressCtrl + X key
Redo the last action performed pressCtrl + Y key
Change the font pressCtrl +Shift + F key
To save the file documents pressCtrl + S key
Create a new document pressCtrl + N key
Open an exist document pressCtrl + O key
Open a print window Or to print your file pressCtrl + P key
Aligns the line Or selected text to the right of the screen press Ctrl + R key
Moves the cursor to the end of the document pressCtrl + END key
Moves the cursor to the beginning of the document pressCtrl + HOME key
Reset highlighted text to the default font pressCtrl + Spacebar key
View or hide non-printing characters pressCtrl + Shift + * key
To save your file press Shift + F12 key
To save as your file pressF12 key
Insert the current time pressAlt + Shift + T key
Insert the current date pressAlt + Shift + D key

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