Need to Speed Up your Old Android Phone?

Need to Speed Up Your Old Android Phone? Here Are The Techniques –

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By this Article, You will know about How To Speed Up Your Old Android Phone and some tips and tricks to speed up your android phones and lot’s more so let’s explore and fix it.

Is your smartphone an old one? If so, then it must have started to show problems already. Your required screen appears several seconds after you have tapped on any option or icon. Or, the home screen does not appear as soon as you tap on the home button and other phone applications become very slow.

Need to Speed Up Your Old Android Phone?

These problems are widespread in smartphones you are using for a long time.

Eventually, the performance of a smartphone diminishes. The slowing down of a phone is a steady process. There are numerous reasons why smartphones get sluggish after long usage.

Slowing down of a smartphone is not only limited to Android phones but also seen in iOS. There are solutions for both but the one for Android differs from that of iPhones.

This article deals with the slowing down of your Android phones along with the remedies to solve such problems.

Why do Smartphones Slow Down with Time?

Here are some reasons which lead to a gradual slower working speed on your phone.

The Older the Phone gets the more the Number of Applications you Store

When you get a new phone, it comes with a few apps. But you download numerous cool applications. And, why not?

Android Central recommends removing those applications from your phone which you do not use much. This is because these apps eat up precious space from the phone’s CPU which leads to gradual sluggishness.

Less Availability of Storage Space

As your phone gets older, most of its available space is utilized and you don’t even realize it. Space management is only possible when you keep a regular check on your phone’s memory.

Operating a smartphone with very less or no space makes the phone slower than you can ever think.


Few people get confused about the new advanced features seen in new phones with their existing smartphones. They try to upgrade their old phones with new features.

This leads to decelerate the speed of the phone to an extensive rate.

Sometimes, people remain satisfied with their slow phones in the world of highly upgraded cool smartphones.

Numerous Applications Running in the Background

A very common reason for the slowing down of smartphones is letting too many apps run in the background while using a particular app. For instance, you are using WhatsApp but suddenly you want to watch YouTube.

You go back to the menu to open YouTube.

While you are busy watching a newly released Beyonce music video, WhatsApp is still running in the background. This utilizes more phone memory.

Techniques to Improve the Speed of your Android Phone

Isn’t it irritating to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a new phone because the old one is not offering a better speed? Many do it as they are not aware of the tricks to keep their phones in proper condition with enough speed along with other operations working properly.

Here are a few important ways you need to follow to maintain your Android phones.

Update your Device from Time to Time

If you are using your phone for a year or more with the same version of Android, you should definitely check for a system update. Updating the Android version helps in fixing bugs and general improvements and allows the Android to run faster.

If the Operating System of your phone needs to be updated, your phone notifies you ‘System Update Available’. Otherwise, go to Settings, then ‘About device’.

From the options, go to ‘Software update’ and check if any update is available (if not, your phone will show ‘Your device is up to date’).

It takes time and after the update, your phone restarts and the data gets loaded once again. Done!

You have a freshly updated version of the Android with various new built-in features with a cool interface. The speed of loading any app increases compared to what it was in the older version.

Uninstall or Disable the Applications you don’t Use

There are many applications you install from the play store which attract you initially but you lose interest in them gradually. Do not keep them in your device if they are of no use.

They occupy a greater section of storage unnecessarily. Go to Settings > Apps > All.

Go through the list of applications. Find out the apps you do not use or require anymore. Open them and click on the Disable tab. This will inactivate the application.

Whenever you need to use that app, tap on the Enable tab.

Also, take a look at the apps in the running tab (Settings > Apps > Running). There will be many apps that run all the time even if you don’t use them affecting the speed of the device.

If you find that there are some apps still exist which you don’t even look at, uninstall them without any second thought.

Turn off or Reduce Animations

Reducing unnecessary animation saves a lot of memory on your phone. While going from one page to another the screen transition looks beautiful in certain phones but that actually eats a lot of battery power along with some storage.

Go to Settings, tap on About phone. Scroll down to the System section to get the Build number. Tap on Build number seven times quickly and you will see a message about being a developer.

Now, you can go back to the previous menu. Select the Developer option under System. Tap on that option. Scroll down to go to Window Animation Scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale.

Tap on each and adjust the level of animation. Set it yo .5x or ‘off’. Choose the option you find more preferable. You can change the levels if the animation is not up to your requirements.

Clear Cached Data

Cached data are files, media, and scripts stored on your device by websites or the applications present in your devices. These data are stored in a particular file in the storage memory.

They are helpful enough to load applications more quickly.

The problem is cached data can grow from time to time and occupy a large portion of the device’s storage memory. Removing cached data doesn’t harm your phone.

Clear cached data once in a while. Go to Settings. Tap on Apps and scroll down to the All tab. Tap on the app whose cache you want to delete. Choose Clear Cache.

Note – Use the CCleaner or Clean Master app to clean your cached and junk file.

Reduce/Turn-off Auto-sync

Creating different accounts in your phone allows them to sync automatically in the background to extract new data and provide us with updates. Syncing effects performance.

Go to Settings > Accounts > Auto-sync to turn auto-syncing off.

But this may cause many problems for the owner. It is better to reduce syncing frequency. Remove the accounts you don’t need. Apps like Facebook have the option of reducing sync-frequency from settings.

Third-Party Launcher

Install a third-party launcher for your phone to improve performance speed. Some popular third-party launchers are Apex Launcher, NovaLauncher, Go Launcher EX and so on.

Experiment with your device. It makes your device a lot faster.

Factory Reset

This is one of the safest yet risky processes. A Factory Reset can improve your phone to a great extent but this means deleting all your data including the settings. Before taking this step, always backup your data.

Find the Factory Reset option in Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset.

Installation of a Custom ROM

A custom ROM always serves a better improvement to your Android device than rooting it. If you cannot update your phone for a long time, custom ROMs provide a way to get a newer version.

You can get custom ROMs that can function without bloatware completely and provides us interesting twists and modifications. You have to go through research to get the right custom ROM for your device.

That was all with the methods.

Ending Note

These were the methods you can try with your old Android smartphones to make it work faster just like before. These problems are very commonly seen in old smartphones.

Basically, the speed and functioning of your phone totally depend on how you are handling it.

Space management is one of the major measures to take your phone back to the condition it was in during the time of purchase.

Follow these methods and get a brand new phone once again. The best part of following these techniques is it does not make you spend lots and lots of money. Okay, so it is time for us to wrap up. If you need any sort of assistance or help, You can also take the help of this site for speeding up your Old Android Phone and get yourself served with all the types of needful content. 

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