Best Paid Keyword Research Tools For SEO: 2019

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Best Paid Keyword Research Tool For SEO: 2019

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By this Question, you will know about some best-paid keyword research tools for SEO which helps to find the best micro-niche keywords, and you will also know what is keyword and their types and lots more.

Keyword Research Tools For SEO –

First, let us know what is keyword and their types.

  • What is Keyword?

A keyword is a targeted or specific text/phrase/word that describes the contents of a webpage which is helpful in driving traffic to your URL or any specific URL.

In a short form, a keyword is used by web surfers. Suppose if you are looking for buying a phone then you simply open your browser and you type some text related to your queries in the search bar just like – best smartphone price, best android phones in India, UK, US, that is a keyword.

  • What did search engines do?

A search engine does crawl sites and if keywords were found matching/accurate in the article then search engine serve those sites up as a search result.

In the term of SEO keyword are divided into two parts.

1. Short-tail Keyword –

These types of keywords having a short text/words. for example – weight loss, top 10 plugins, make money online.

2. Long-tail Keyword –

These keywords having long words or longer like a sentence. for example – how to make money by blogging in 20min, how to lose weight in 7 days etc.

Note – Long-tail keyword is more profitable than short-tail keyword, long-tail keyword drive more traffic when we talk about keywords it is the most important and critical parts of in term of SEO.

Best Paid Keyword Research Tools For SEO –

Many people invest lots dollars to pay for keyword research to get a better-targeted content/keyword and result there are many tools, the software is available that can help to figure out which keywords are good or not for your blog/business and how much it has a volume density and so on.

there are 2 types of keyword research –
1. Basic Keyword Research
2. Competitor Based Keyword Research

  • Basic Based Keyword Research – 

It’s a normal seed keyword user searches profitable keywords related to the article or title.

  • Competitor Based Keyword Research –

Find those keywords which are helping other sites to drive more traffic on their sites, so you use those keywords to drive traffic on your site.

Note – Competitor based keyword research to be more effective than basic.

Choosing the right keyword is not an easy part you need lots of data and research to find a better keyword which will work for you.

Best Keyword Research Tools Are –

Well, there are many tools for keyword research. Take a look at some of these tools and decide which works best for your business strategy.


SEMRUSH is not a typical keyword research tool; it offers so much more than just researching keywords. This makes it easier for you to find short-tail and long-tail keywords that you can target and beat out your competition.

You can get in-depth details on:

  • Traffic stats
  • Search engine reports
  • Adsense CPC

And so many other details that you need in properly managing an SEO campaign.
This is a highly recommended product.

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2. Long Tail Pro: Keyword Research Software –

Long Tail Pro – Probably The Most Popular Keyword Research Tool On The Planet. Now With Rank Tracker Included Free. Highest Gravity CB Product In The SEO Category.

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3. Keyword Researcher:- SEO Software/Finds Long Tail Keywords –

A Software Application That Helps You Discover Long Tail Keywords. Organize Your Keywords. Import Csv Files From The Google Keyword Tool. Write Web Content. And, Plan A Web-content Strategy For Your Website.

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4. The Most Powerful All-in-one SEO Tool Suite –

Among The Industries Highest Customer Satisfaction, An All In One SEO Tool Suite, Is Both Incredibly Powerful, And Cheaper Than Other Solutions. With 40+ Tools, Including Advanced Keyword Research, Site Explorer And Powerful Rank Trackers.

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5. Intent-based Keywords Tool:- Suggested Keywords Tool –

Keywords Research Tool For Affiliates, E-commerce, And Online Entrepreneurs. Stand-alone Software, Easy To Promote, Real-value For The Buyers. Flip The Funnel, Get Started With The Keywords And Phrases People Searching The Most On Google And Amazon.

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6. KWFinder By Mangools SEO tools –

Thousands of keyword ideas are waiting for you Get 10% LIFETIME Discount. 

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7. Power Suggest Pro: Keyword Research Software –

Power Suggest Pro Is A Keyword And Market Research Software That Leverages On The Auto-suggestions Of Multiple Search Engines To Reveal Millions Of Low-competition Long-tail Keywords. A Must-have For Online Marketers, SEO Professionals, And Entrepreneurs.

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Bonus:- Micro Niche Keywords –

This Product Provides A List Of Micro Niche Keywords!

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My recommendations:-
  • If you are looking for an easy, yet a great solution, go for SEMRUSH, KWFINDER,Power Suggest Pro.
  • If you are researching keywords for micro-niche sites, use Micro Niche Keywords, Long Tail Pro, Keyword Researcher.
  • If you are looking for complete SEO pacakage then go for All-in-one SEO Tool Suite.
  • Always choose the best keywords based on monthly high searches volume.
  • Learn more about your competitors.

Whatever you choose, use these tools to supercharge your SEO.

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