How To Connect Mouse In Computer?

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Priyansh SinhaPriyansh Sinha Staff asked 7 months ago

How to Connect the Mouse –

Generally, there are many ways to connect your mouse with a computer. In the older generation, computers use ps/2 or serial or bus as an interface to the computer but today almost all wired or wireless. if your mouse wireless then it can be communicating over Bluetooth, radio frequency (RF)or infrared (IR). Wired mouse communicating over USB.

A mouse can be connected in different ways –

  • Using Serial Port, Bus connection, PS/2 mouse port.
  • By using a USB port.
  • Using Wirelessly.

Connect USB Mouse/Keyboard to your Android with USB OTG cable –

  • First, connect the USB OTG on your Android or tablet.
  • Now plug the USB mouse/keyboard and enjoy.

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