How To Forward A Single Number To Another Phone On My Iphone?

Questions & AnswerCategory: TechnologyHow To Forward A Single Number To Another Phone On My Iphone?
Priyansh SinhaPriyansh Sinha Staff asked 7 months ago

Forward a single number to another phone –

If you want to forward your number on another phone in android then follow steps.

In case of an Android:-

  • Go to Phone
  • Go to Settings
  • Then tap on Voice call
  • Then Call forwarding

Select Always forward and put the specified number onto which you want to divert all the calls to. Be sure this phone contains some balance otherwise(in some telecom operators) call forwarding becomes dysfunctional if balance ceases to 0.00.

In case of an iPhone:-

Forward iPhone Calls to Another Number…

Step 1 – Tap Settings on your iPhone

Step 2 – Tap Phone

Step 3 – Tap Call Forwarding

Step 4 – Tap Call Forwarding to toggle on (turn on) the feature

Step 5 – Tap Forward to choose a number to forward your phone to.

Step 6 – Input the phone number starting with Area Code. Tap Call Forwarding back button when done

Once Call Forwarding is enabled you will notice a new Phone Icon on the top Bar of your iPhone Screen

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