How To Increase Blog Page Rank By Creating Backlinks?

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How To Increase Blog Page Rank By Creating Backlinks - FIXINGEEK

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By this question, you will know about how to increase your blog/website page rank, how to create no-follow & do-follow backlink and list of some forum site to increase your pa, da and for a do-follow backlink.

Increase Blog Page Rank By Creating Backlinks –


Whenever we talk about SEO, some common works came in our mind like no-follow, do-follow, no-index, etc. Here we will learn the importance of no-follow and do-follow attribute in link building. Google page rank secured by any blog depends on the do-follow backlinks developed on different sites. You can boost your page rank by creating backlinks with blogs or sites which have good page rank.

When we comment on a high PR do-follow blog then we get a free backlink that will help us to increase in Page rank or Alexa rank.

How To Increase Blog Traffic By Do-follow Backlinks –

First lets us know what is backlink? Types of a backlink? and What is a no-follow or do-follow backlink?

  • What is backlink?

A backlink is when you visit someone site/blog/forum or any other internet pages and you put your link on someone page by commenting or by guest post which reflects towards your page that’s called backlink. Now backlinks are two types do-follow or no-follow.

  • What Is No-follow Backlink?

No-follow is an HTML attribute of the anchor tag. This attribute does not allow a search engine to follow the link only human can follow your link. If any website linking back to you with No-follow attribute then search engine will not follow your link or in simple words, the search engine will not consider your link while determining your page rank. Hence that link is useless for you.

Example of No-follow link-

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Google</a>
  • What Is Do-follow Backlink?

Do-follow is also an HTML attribute tag and it allows a search engine to follow the link. Page rank of blog and website is governed by the number of high-quality do-follow backlinks created by blog or website on another blog or website, which have good page rank ( page rank 5, 6, 7 ).

Example of Do-follow link –

<a href="">Google</a>

Increase Google Page Rank And Alexa Rank –

As stated above, Increase in a number of do-follow backlinks will result in decreasing Alexa rank and increasing page rank which will boost your blog traffic. So the list given below contains website and blogs which have do-follow backlinks.

List Of Forum Site’s Having Dofollow Backlinks –

The Forum given below allows you to create do-follow backlinks just make an account in it and answer to a discussed question with your blog URL.

Note –
  1. Follow three pillars blog commenting, forums, and directory/article submission.
  2. Create Do-follow backlink by Guest Posting.
  3. Do-Follow backlinks are more important than the No-Follow backlinks when we considering it in terms of search engine ranking.
  4. Write a unique and SEO optimized content.
  5. Do share your content on social sites.

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