What Is The Characteristics Or Features Of Internet?

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Welcome to the FixinGeek, by this you will know about the characteristics of internet or features of the internet and lots more.

Characteristics Or Features Of Internet –

Internet is a network of networks so that no one actually owns, its individual Company organization and governments on their particular network which is connected of other networks to form of internet. TCP/IP Protocol is a common key for all so that they can communicate.

Characteristics Of Internet –

  • It’s dynamic and always changeable.
  • It has large storage.
  • Safety and security (rules to remember that you have to follow)
  • Internet access and resources not equal around the world.
  • An increasing the quantity of information.
  • A lot of good and interesting quality information.
  • Self-learning tool when you know how to use it properly.

Features Of Internet –

  • Mail anywhere in the world in a moment with the fastest mailing service of the word called email and we exchange the messages with another person through chatting.
  • Transfer files to anywhere in the world.
  • Find any information about recognized, people, product, institution, country, etc.
  • Call anywhere in the world.
  • Watch TV.
  • Connect to people in just a moment.
  • Do shopping (also foreign products)
  • Discuss and receive a suggestion on your problem also can suggest other on their problems.
  • Blog on our daily life to keep informing others (handy for celebrities)
  • Make an application for admission.
  • Pay our telephone bills and lots of bills.
  • Enjoy movie music.
  • Play online games.
  • Promote the product by giving advertisement on websites.
  • View a live map of anywhere of the world.

Anatomy Of Internet –

A vast collection of computers connected each other called the internet and linked by cable and satellites, not controlled by any one authority, but all operating under common network protocol the term internet include both the hardware and software that enable computer to communicate with each other when we send some data across the internet, first TCP protocol breaks that data up into packets of data. The user computers send those packets to the Local Network from here, the packets travel through many levels of networks, computers, and Communications line until they reach their final destination. Many types of hardware help the packets on their way.

These are especially Hubs, Bridges, Gateways Repeaters Routers, Servers Client Computers, and Client and/or Satellite Communications.

Major Components are –

  1. Internet services.
  2. Elements of the internet.
  3. Uniform resources locators (URL)
  4. Internet protocol.

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