what is storage device

What is Storage Devices?

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Storage Devices-

The Storage devices Or Memory which give access you to save any information in any Hardware Device Or Computer System Memory for later use. If whenever in future you need your data then you can easily get it from your Computer Or your external storage device.
A computer can not remember any settings without storage devices & there are many devices are used to save your data in such as Floppy disk, USB Flash drives, Hard disk, CD, DVD is known as Computer Storage device.

Types of Storage device-

Two types of Storage Device are used in Computer Memory-

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Computer Storage Device

1 – Internal Or Primary Memory –

It is the main memory of computer & mounted on a PCB (printed circuit board). Primary hard drive stores the operating system, applications, and files and folders for users use on the computer.

The types of Internal/Primary memory in computer are –

  •  RAM – (Random Access Memory)
    there are two types of RAM –
    1- DRAM
    2- SRAM
  • ROM – (Read-Only Memory)
    there are three types of ROM –

2- External or Secondary memory-

This is not the main memory of computer but you attach it to the computer to save your work/data for your future use. like- to store pictures, files, folders, movies, songs & so on…
There are some devices that work as removable, internal or external-secondary memory like- Hard-disk, CD, DVD, Pen drive, Magnetic tape, SD cards & so many you can also carry Secondary memory anywhere you go..

Some Points-

  1. The flash drive is a small, portable, solid-state hard-drive that inserted into a USB Port.
  2. The memory card is a small storage medium where you store the data.
  3. Storage Device act as input as well as output devices
  4. Secondary storage refers to storage devices & media that are not
    constantly accessible by a computer.
  5. A floppy disk is the smallest type of storage holding the only 1.44mb.
  6. Compact disks are exchangeable & Easy to transport data.
  7. Secondary storage devices are used to holding backup, storing & transferring of data in bulk.
  8. A hard disk can store huge amount of data up to 4 terabytes.

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