the top best projector

The Top Best Projector

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In this article, you will know about some top brands best projector which full-fill your all the requirements.

The Top Best Projector –

First, we have to know about what is the projector, types & uses? 

Projector –

A Projector is an optical device that use a ray of light and lenses. A projector is used to project an images (or moving images), projecting slides, films on a screen, larger wall or other surface. It is capable of connecting to a computer device or other devices.

Uses Of Projectors – Projector are used for business presentations, home theater, in schools for teaching purpose and for movies & game play.

Types Of Projectors – Projector are comes in technology of –

  • LCD/LED (Liquid Crystal Display)
  • DLP (Digital Light Processing)
  • LCOS (Liquid Crystal On Silicon) & Laser Raster

Why Projector Is Useful –

Now a days laptops, smartphones and gadgets are all around with us and today’s children and all people’s are digital learner so projector is beneficial for engagement in school, offices and businesses for better learning process.

Before Buying A Projector – These features are essentials,

  • Projected Screen Size –
  • Contrast Ratio – 1000.1 to 2000.1 is sufficient.
  • Colors –
  • Lamp Hour – Around 200watt.
  • Brightness – 2000-3000 Lumens + Zoom functionality + Short throw.
  • Resolutions – Projector resolutions are the total number of pixels that can be displayed. The most important things that you have to notice is resolutions because now projector comes generally with the resolution capacity of two categories –
  1. SVGA – In SVGA projectors comes with native resolutions of 800*600pixels
  2. XGA – These types of projector comes with native resolutions of 1024*768 pixels, every new heavy models have XGA resolutions.

Notable points – 

  • Standard formats with 4:3 ratio are suitable for DVD based films and TV episodes.
  • SVGA (800*600) and XGA (1024*768) formats are good for presentations.
  • SXGA (1400*1050) formats are for photography and data graphics.
  • Wide screen format 16:4 aspect ratio its an option for HDTV, Side-Screen DVD/Blu-ray, WXGA (1280*800) is suitable for devices with a widescreen output.
  • In DLP Projectors we have higher contrast ratio, portability, stability & life longer, these projectors are portable and easy carriable & movable. so i suggest DLP Projectors.

Are the key factor to be focused before buying the projectors for school, offices and for business purpose.

Top Best Projector You Have to Buy –

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