Top 5 best Smartphones by Samsung

Top 5 Best Smartphones By Samsung

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By this article, you will know about Top 5 Best SmartPhones By Samsung and their feature, specification, price and lots more so let’s explore it.

Everyone surely knows that Samsung is a brand that is one of the leaders and innovators of the mobile industry. Getting your hands on a Samsung phone is the best possible choice you could make. But what is bound to leave you confused is the simple question: Which model and version should I buy?

Although the answer is not complicated, it certainly is important. You need to invest in a phone that offers all that you desire in the most affordable price range. If you’re wondering why we did not mention quality, then wonder no more. It’s because Samsung phones are not only durable, reliable and super classy, they are made out of the best parts available. So, if you are going to invest in a Samsung phone, this is something you will not have to worry about.

Top 5 Best Samsung Smartphones –

If you are an avid Android phone lover and Samsung phones are your thing, then this article is what you need to delve right into! Keep reading to find out which Samsung phones are the best, and which one will suit your personality the most!

1) Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

The bigger and better version of the Samsung Galaxy S10, this phone has tons to offer. Released in March 2019; this phone is one of the latest and best phones in the market. The large screen display, fingerprint sensor, and a wide lens are some of the best features the S10 Plus has to offer.

Gorgeous screen

The laser-cut ceramic body holds a screen that lets you enjoy your mobile experience without any distractions. The Full HD+ and Quad HD+ settings let you enjoy videos and images in superb resolution and breathtaking quality.

The AMOLED display also features the fingerprint sensor that keeps your data super safe and protected. Eye comfort display automatically adjusts the brightness to help prevent eye strain. A win-win situation all the way around!

Superb Camera

The camera has been specially designed to allow all photography lovers to take pictures like a professional. The telephoto camera with a wide camera lens as well as an ultra-wide lens is a superior combo.

5 rear cameras with an 8-megapixel RGB depth are no joke. Not only this, the dual aperture and multi-frame composition make the S10 plus simply invincible. No matter light or day, the S10+ will show you the way. You will be able to capture everything perfectly no matter how light or dark it is outside, or even inside!

 Not only strong, but also compassionate!

The 24-hour intelligent battery ensures your phone stays up and running throughout the day. Moreover, wireless power share helps you be compassionate and caring towards your friends by letting your phone share its battery life with their phones!

Wireless charging and a fast AP and RAM make the S10 plus the geekiest phone in town.

There’s more!

The hybrid SIM feature allows you to use two numbers using one single phone. Furthermore, the phone is great for gaming and has a perfect sound system. The intelligent Wi-Fi and LTE is definitely what everyone dreams of. And, obviously, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus price in Pakistan is a bit high it is not affordable for low budget customers.

2) Samsung Galaxy S10

Number two should not come as a surprise to you. If the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is that good, how can the S10 not be, right? Although there are tons of similarities and only very few differences, both are undeniable very good phones. They are the best you can get. What majorly differentiates them is a certain lack of features in the S10. And, obviously the Samsung mobile price in Pakistan for the S10.

The S10 is slightly cheaper than the S10 Plus and has 3 rear cameras. The S10 has a slightly less powerful battery and a slightly, less large screen. However, this should not make tons of difference for those who are on a tight budget. Nevertheless, the S10 is a great phone.

Infinity-O display

The infinity-O display is perfect for those that love large screens that load high-resolution videos and images. The smooth screen design ensures that there is no hindrance to your view and you can get the most screen out of your phone!

The fingerprint sensor feature enables you to simply tap on the gorgeous glass screen to unlock your phone. This not only make sit super easy to log in to your device, but it also protects the data from theft and misuse. Now, no one can enter your phone without your permission!


Not only does the multi-camera feature set the S10 phone distinctly apart from other smartphones, but it also sets it apart from the S!0 Plus. Although both offer the multi-camera feature, the S10 flaunts slightly fewer cameras.

There is one front and three rear cameras on the S10, so a total of 4 cameras as opposed to the S10 Plus’s five. But, the S10 is just as fit for professional photography as the S10 plus. The S10 is a great phone for those who love to take snaps of each and everything!

Intelligent Performance Enhancer

The intelligent performance enhancer feature makes sure you can use your phone with the utmost ease. Not only does this feature ensure your apps stay up and running, but it also makes sure that your favorite apps load and show up almost instantly.

3) Samsung Galaxy S10e

The Samsung Galaxy S10e is the smaller sister of the S10 and S10 plus. With a slightly smaller screen, this phone is great for those who do not like very, very big screens.

The gorilla glass body and aluminum frame bring together a sturdy phone. The dual sim function and AMOLED display make it seem very close to the other two phones of the S10 series.

Capture it all!

The S10 series, no doubt is ideal for those who love photography and for those that love clicking selfies. With 3 cameras, one front and two rear, this phone are set to capture everything you set your eyes on.

Superb Sound, superb gaming!

Not only are the phones from the S10 series perfect for photography, but they are also super perfect to play games on. Not only is the sound system of these phones great, but the AMOLED display and HD resolution are also perfect for game graphics. Moreover, the powerful processor and huge storage space enable you to download and play games without any glitches!

Wireless charging that goes both ways!

You read that right! The S10e offers wireless charging features that go both ways. Not only can the phone be charged wirelessly, but it can also be sued to charge another phone without wires. Pretty cool, no?!

4) Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The classic and most unique feature of the Galaxy Note 9 is the S pen stylus. A go-to phone for those that love playing around with a stylus, are either artistic or have some sort of trouble using their fingertips.

By now you must be thinking that note 9 is only great for drawing, writing, and editing, then you are wrong. The phone is also a gaming beast and is super ideal for those that love to play games. Note 9 is the perfect multimedia phone that suits a variety of purposes.

S pen stylus

As mentioned earlier, the phone has a great tool that comes along with it. This makes it easier to draw, paint and write on the phone. Furthermore, there is no need to carry your stylus around separately and fear losing it. The smartphone has a built-in slot that holds your pen and keeps it safe.

Large infinity display

Samsung boasts that the Note 9 offers the largest infinity display possible. With a superb resolution of 516 pixels per inch, Note 9 is a phone that displays pictures and videos that are crystal clear quality. This makes it even more fun to play games and watch videos.

The 6.4-inch screen offers a huge canvas and space for artists and creative people. Note 9 is all set to help you unleash your hidden talents.

An intelligent camera

The camera is not only super powerful but also very intelligent. With Note 9, you can click pictures almost anywhere and anytime, whether it is light or day!

Two rear lenses and a front lens make the phone even more powerful. You can capture perfect details even in the dark. Also, the superb editing features help you fix your portraits and deliver perfection at every click!

Long battery life

Who would not love a phone with a very long battery life? No one would pass anything over a phone that stays put all day. And, that is what exactly the Note 9 offers.

Wireless charging allows you to power up your phone without the added hassle of cables and wires.

Fast uploads and downloads

LTE and Wi-Fi support and a 4 by 4 MIMO antenna ensure you can upload media as fast as you can download it. This makes the overall experience of using Note 9, even more, fun and exciting!

5) Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

A member of the S9 series, this phone no doubt is just as powerful as its brothers and sisters. Although not as great as the S10 series, the S9 does not lag very far behind. Moreover, on a budget, it is one of the best you can get given that you want something very close to the Samsung S10 phones.

7 Gorgeous, Unique Colors

Well, yes. The S9 plus is available in seven different, gorgeous colors. There is a phone to suit everyone’s taste and personality.

These include lilac purple, midnight black, titanium gray, coral blue, sunrise gold, burgundy red and Polaris blue. There is a phone for each gender and a phone for each aesthetic, quite literally.

6.2-inch Screen

The large and widescreen is what most mobile users seek today. Something that will catch the eye of most buyers and large screen lovers.

Furthermore, it is even more fun to play games on a larger screen. And, watching movies is made possible without the need for a tablet, PC or laptop.

Wide-Angle Camera

The rear, wide-angle camera is not the only thing that will take your breath away when you lay your eyes on this phone. The front, wide selfie focus camera is going to make you want to snap selfies all day!

Moreover, the rear snapping device is not just one, but a combination of 2 cameras. This includes a wide-angle camera and a telephoto camera.

Loads Of Space

A 6 gigabyte RAM combined with a 64-gigabyte memory slot is a recipe for perfection. All of this combined with the 64-bit -octa-core processor will let you download songs, videos and games onto this phone super-fast and super easy.

The phone runs smoothly without hanging and can handle the bulkiest of apps. It’s a perfect phone for gamers as well.

AKG Tuned Stereo Speakers

The AKG tuned stereo speakers are what will let you blast music on this phone and turn the room into a disco club. The excellent sound quality also lets you enjoy games and lets you watch movies and videos without the need for additional speakers or earphones.

The crisp and clear voice makes the S9 plus an even more unavoidable phone.

Resistance To Water

This feature may or may not be useful to you but its something which cannot be labeled as useless either. A waterproof phone is bound to last longer and can protect itself during mishaps. If you live somewhere 

Bonus: #Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (Plus) –

  • Battery:- It has a 4300mAH lithium-ion battery with fast charging.
  • Operating & Processor:- Android Pie v9.0 operating system with 2.7GHz Exynos 9825 octa-core processor.
  • Camera:- 10mp front camera and 16mp Ultra wide + 12mp back camera.
  • Memory & Storage:- 12GB RAM with 256GB internal memory expandable up to 1TB.
  • Display:- Dynamic AMOLED Infinity O Display with QHD+ resolution 3040 X 1440 (498 PPI), HDR10+ Certified.
  • Other Features:- Bluetooth enabled Air Actions for S Pen, Dex mode with a USB cable, Dual SIM, GPS, Accelerometer, Barometer, Ultrasonic Fingerprint sensor, Gyro sensor, Geomagnetic sensor, Hall sensor, Proximity sensor, RGB light sensor.


No matter which phone you decide to pick, its essential you check out its price and specifications in detail before investing any money. Not only are Samsung phones very close in competition with each other, but they also offer unique features and characteristics.

There is a phone for everyone! But what is important, is to assess which phone suits you the best. However, no matter what you pick, there is no denying you will get great quality and performance when you invest in a Samsung mobile phone. Happy picking!

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