Top 7 Security Suites That Are Worth the Money

Top 7 Security Suites That Are Worth the Money

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Welcome to FixinGeek by this post you will know about top 7 security suites that are worth the money and these 7 securities will help you to protect your all devices from malware, viruses and so on.

Antivirus alone cannot protect your data and programs from malware attack. You need a fully integrated group for taking care of your security needs. In short, you need a security suite. After crossing Spectrum Internet availability from your list (because who doesn’t want fast internet bundled in great deals), the next item on your list must be getting a security suite.

There is a variety of security companies offering security suites.
Some of them are just offering basic features, while others come with tons of
extras. These security software can deduct issues in your PC, protect your data
and stop malware infection.

To make the job easier for you, here are 7 best security suites on the
market that are actually worth the money:

#1: Bitdefender Total Security
Multi-Device 2019 –

Bitdefender is on the top of the list when it comes to security suites
and all for good reasons. It is extremely fast and accurate. It offers secure
browsing, spam filter, and a password manager, battery management, file
encryption, ransomware protection, WI-FI protection, etc.

Its recent version has a new dashboard and it features upgrades such
as ransomware remediation and network threat prevention. Bitdefender is
offering a 50% discount on the first payment. That means you can save money and
protect up to 5 devices at half the price.

#2: Kaspersky Total Security 2019 –

When we are talking about top security suites, how can we forget the
name of Kaspersky? The company is offering a great protection package. The
price of total security is $79.95 for a single device per year. It is
compatible with Android devices, iOS MAC, and PC. It has a solid security
scanning ability. Other features include password management, privacy
protection, child safety measures, parental controls, VPN, etc. Its free trial
version is available for download as well.

#3: McAfee LiveSafe –

It’s available for $109.99 per year and you can protect unlimited
devices at this cost. McAfee LiveSafe is the cheapest option out there among
security suites. Plus, it is user-friendly. It guarantees 100 percent virus
removal or they will return your money. Features include anti-spam, parental
controls, identity protection, password management, website scanning, etc. It
supports Macs, phones, PCs, and tablets.

#4: Symantec Norton Security Premium –

Symantec Norton Security Premium costs $55 a year for new users and
then $110 if you continue using it. It can protect up to 10 devices which
include Android, iOS, Mac, and PCs. It has excellent malware scanning. Other
features include identity protection, parental controls, and warning against
dodgy apps. It also offers 100 percent virus removal guarantee. However, you don’t
get optimization tools and a password manager.

#5: Norton 360 Deluxe –

Norton 360 Deluxe costs $99.99 a year. But it’s available on 40
percent discount for new users for the first year. The features it supports
include password manager, dark web monitoring, secure VPN, real-time threat
protection, Safecam, parental controls, 50 GB cloud backup.

Norton’s antivirus products are great when it comes to malware
protection. However, they have fewer security features than their competitors.
Norton 360 Deluxe offers advanced security and virus protection. It supports up
to 5 devices (Macs, PCs, smartphones, and tablets).

For an extra $50 a year, you can get LifeLock Select with Norton 360.
You will get more storage and LifeLock identity protection.

#6: Avast Internet Security –

Avast internet security is a highly effective antivirus tool. It comes
with a standard security feature. You can even run harmful apps in a secure
environment without worrying about security risks.

Its license costs $59.99 a year and it supports 1 device only. You can
also buy 2 years and 3 years subscription for $109.99 and $159.99 respectively.
The features you will get include behavior shield, intelligent antivirus,
cybercapture, smart scan, ransomware shield, password manager, and sandbox.

This anti-spam module also lets you block unsolicited spam messages.
If you want a VPN, SecureLine is at your service. However, it is not free, you
have to purchase an additional subscription for this service. A good thing is
once you have bought the license, no extra setup is needed.

There are some downsides of Avast which is why it’s #6 on our list. It
does not include technical support or offers parental controls. If you need a
less demanding security suite, only then it would be the right choice.

#7: Panda Dome Advanced –

Formerly known as Panda Global Protection, Panda Dome offers all the
company’s security tools in a single suite. The features you get depend on what
package you choose whether it’s Essential Package, Complete Package, Premium Package
or Advanced Package.

All packages include USB device protection, AV capabilities, and a
firewall. Panda Dome Advanced costs $53.24 a year. This package includes
protection against ransomware, viruses, app lock, call blocker, and parental
controls. It covers PC, MAC, and Android devices.

These security suites may not be as cheap as Spectrum Voice
calling plans but they are worth it when it comes to
protection. Go ahead and buy whatever fits your security needs the best.

Final Words

As we all know that in this era security issues raising day-by-day. Therefore, to secure your devices and assets you should use a security suite. Because hackers are always trying to steal your information for the sake of their benefits.

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