What Do The Letters On Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Mean

What Do The Letters On Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Mean?

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Welcome to our next article, by this article you will know about the full form of Samsung galaxy letters of smartphones and lot’s more.

Letters On Samsung Galaxy Smartphones are –

Surely you have a rough idea of where the shots go in terms of different Samsung models, which are high-end and which are not, at least in some of them. But do you know what the letters of the Samsung series mean?

Galaxy A, Galaxy J, Galaxy S … Samsung has chosen to differentiate most of its series using a letter accompanied by a number, but those letters have not been chosen at random, but have their official meaning.


1: Samsung Galaxy A: Alpha –

We started our review in alphabetical order, even though Samsung does not follow this order for the creation of the series. The Galaxy A series of Samsung is more alive than ever and with more and more members. Its meaning is Alpha.

Samsung Galaxy A (Alpha)

And where does that come from? For this, we must go back in time to 2014 and the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, a new terminal that stood out for having a metal body. The experiment was a success, and later the Galaxy Alpha shortened its name and tripled: Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5, and Galaxy A7 were born like this.

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2: Samsung Galaxy C: China –

Samsung created the new C series in 2016 and since then several models have been released under this name, such as the Samsung Galaxy C5 or the newer Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro. Its meaning is China.

Samsung Galaxy C (China)

Indeed, Samsung Galaxy C has been designed for China and are somewhat different from the Samsung offer that we find in other parts of the world. For example, the C9 Pro stands out for having 6 GB of RAM and a battery of generous 4,000 mAh.

Are pending redesign to the infinite screen and the latest model is two years ago, so it is unclear if Samsung has left the series C.

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3: Samsung Galaxy E: Elevate –

You probably have not heard about the Samsung E-series for a while, specifically about three years since the Galaxy E5 and E7 were introduced, which were the cheap versions of the Galaxy A. Its meaning is Elevate, or elevate.

Samsung Galaxy E (Elevate)

Why “raise”? The truth is that it is not clear, because both mobile phones and tablets ( Galaxy Tab E ) this model is used in the mid-low range, so there is not much to raise. In any case, the device to wear this acronym was launched two years ago, so it is possible that the E series is extinct.

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4: Samsung Galaxy J: Joy –

The J series is still in full form after having received a recent renewal with expanded screen and double camera: it is the average economic range of Samsung and its meaning is Joy, or joy, joy, rejoicing.

Samsung Galaxy J (Joy)

It is a common resource to focus the economic phones on the young people, who do not have as many resources to change their phone, and probably the name of the series goes there. Thus, they are presented in more colorful shades than other ranges or include flash also in the selfies camera.

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5: Samsung Galaxy M: Magical –

From the previous photo, I’m sure you can already get used to the idea that the Galaxy M has not received new members for a long time. Indeed, it dates from 2012, six years ago. Its meaning is Magical or magical.

Samsung Galaxy M (Magical)

Bearing in mind that this Samsung Galaxy M with a 1 GHz processor with a single core, with 4 GB of memory and the 3-megapixel main camera had somewhat fair specifications for its time, it is not very clear to us why it would be magical. Interestingly, Samsung defined this range as high-performance models at a reduced price.


6: Samsung Galaxy R: Royal/Refined –

We continue with another dinosaur, in this case with Samsung Galaxy R. The last time we heard mention this letter behind a “Galaxy” was in 2011. Its meaning is Royal, real or Refined, refined.

Samsung Galaxy R

Here not even Samsung was very clear about the meaning of the letter, giving you two options. According to the official description, they were premium models that combined power, performance, and productivity.


7: Samsung Galaxy S: Super Smart –

We arrived at the series par excellence. The Samsung Galaxy S has been the most premium of Samsung (with permission from the Note) since the beginning of time, but not everyone knows what that S. means and its meaning is … Super Smart.

That is, if you have a Samsung Galaxy S9 +, you really have a Samsung Galaxy Super Smart 9 Plus, which is not only smart but super smart. This is according to the official description of Samsung published in 2011, which defines them as the pinnacle of the company’s devices.

Samsung Galaxy S

Even though this “super smart” sound sounds a bit corny to us today, the description is still as valid today as it was seven years ago. In the Samsung Galaxy S the South Korean company puts all the meat in the spit, so that, in a certain way, they are the “smartest” of its catalog.


8: Samsung Galaxy Y: Young –

From the most current we return back to the past. The Samsung Galaxy Y had its little moment of glory as one of the preferred phones by operators, with models with such “emblematic” names as Galaxy And S5360. Its meaning is Young, or young.

Samsung Galaxy Y

These are phones with the right power (the Galaxy Young of 2013 had 768 MB of RAM and a screen of 3.27 inches), intended for emerging markets or young people without a lot of money to renew the phone. The series Y as such has already been extinguished, being replaced by the series J.


9: Samsung Galaxy W: Wonder –

A series that not many will remember is the W series, mostly because it has rarely made incursions outside of Korea. We will talk about this series in 2014 with the Samsung Galaxy W . Its meaning is Wonder, or wonder, amazement, admiration.

Samsung Galaxy W

According to the official description, these are high-quality strategic models that combine style with performance. In the past, it was used for this large alphabet with 7-inch screens and more recently it has been used in the Samsung W2018 shell phone. Thus, the series is more or less alive, although only in Korea and updated very occasionally.

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