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What is Computer?

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By this post, you will learn about what is the computer, uses, types & some facts of the computer. so let’s check out and read the full article to enhance your skill.

Computer –

A computer is an electronic device that receives data, processes the data according to the set of instructions, stores data and give the desired output.

“The computer uses a combination of Hardware and Software. It understands only machine language which is made up of Binary numbers “O” And “1” – Computer sees the data in the form of 1 or 0.”

Uses of Computer –

You may already know that you can use a computer to perform a various Mathematical Calculation, Type documents, Send an E-mail, Play games, Listen to music, Watching movies, Paint Or Browse the Web. Create Or edit Word Processing, Spreadsheet, GoogleDoc, Database, Presentations, Video, Music & Games.

“We can use the Internet For Education and Training purpose or we can also download Software, GraphicsMusic, and Movies from the internet using the computer. A computer can be used for booking railway, Transfer money or Recharge, Shopping and Airline tickets, Printing receipts at the chemist and retail store etc.”

Basic structure –

A computer has a basic structure that includes various unit such as input, output, storage, and processing device to perform arithmetic & logical operations. There are several components of the computer.

“The internal components Of Pc include CPU, Motherboard, Ram, Storage devices & Power supply to perform various functions. Computers come in many shapes and sizes.”

Types Of Computer – 

A computer is one of the bright creations of mankind. When you withdraw cash from an ATM, Scan groceries at the store, Or use a calculator, you’re using a type of computer-likeDesktop, Laptop, Tablet computers, Smartphones, Wearables, Game consoles, Smart TVs are also a type of computer. Computers perform a vast range of functions. Classification of a computer is based on the usage, speed, and size of computers. There are four main types of computer –

Some facts of computer –

Here are some facts of the computer are listed below.

  1. Charles Babbage is the “Grand Father” of the computer.
  2. Mark-I was the first automatic digital computer.
  3. A computer as powerful as the human brain would be able to perform about 38 thousand trillion operations per second…
  4. The first actual computer “bug” was a dead moth which was stuck in a Harvard Mark II computer in 1947.
  5. In September 1956 IBM launched the 305 RAMAC, the first ‘SUPER’ computer with a hard disk drive (HDD).
  6. The first 1 GB hard drive was announced by IBM in 1980 which had a price tag of $40,000!
  7. The 12 engineers who made IBM PC were named as “The Dirty Dozen”.
  8. The original name of windows was Interface Manager.
  9. IBM 5120 from 1980 was the heaviest desktop computer ever made. It weighed about 105 pounds.
  10. The credit of developing first computer program goes to Lady Ada Augusta, is a student of Babbage.
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