what is hardware

What is Hardware?

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Computer hardware is the collection of all the parts you can physically touch, see and feel the hardware that is physically connected to the computer like – a monitor, keyboard, processor, graphics card, sound card, and the hard drive is all hardware.

It helps to describe the role of central processing unit (CPU), defines the input/output & understands the interconnection of subsystems.

Some facts-

Here are some facts which are related to computer hardware.

  • Hardware is not affected by computer viruses.
  • If the hardware is damaged, you can replace with new one.
  • The various units of a computer system must perform & co-ordinate all operations.
  • Modern Computers use a very tiny set of flip-flops know as register.
  • Megabytes is used in a more conventional sense and is equal to 1 million of bytes.
  • Hardware is the physical unit of the computer like keyboard, monitor, printer, circuits, chips, disk-drive.

Hardware Devices are of Four types:-

Computer hardware is divided into mainly four units which are given below.

  1. Input Device
  2. Output Device
  3. Processing Device
  4. Storage Device

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