what is mainframe computer

What is Mainframe?

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Mainframe –

A Mainframe Computers generally require a special attention & used to serve where large databases are maintained & kept in a controlled atmosphere. The size of mainframes computer has reduced & the processing data efficiency has increased. The purpose of design mainframe computer is to serve the centralized computing instead of the distributed computing. Now they serve distributed users and small servers in a computing network.

Uses of Mainframe Computers –

Mainframe Computer is very large and expensive computers are used in only big organizations like – Airlines, Banking, Railway for Reservation, Scientific Institutions for research & widely used in Government Organizations/Departments.

Benefit –

” The Benefit of a mainframe computer is it has a larger memory and also known as enterprise servers. Where thousands of people can use a mainframe computer at the same time. It can process millions of transactions every day & also allow multi-user facility.”

Some facts of Mainframe Computer-

There are lots of facts of the mainframe computer.

  • The first manufacturers were known as “IBM and the Seven Dwarfs”.
  •  IBM launched its most recent generation mainframe- the IBM z13 in 2015.
  • It requires a large amount of Electrical power & Air conditioning.
  • Now mainframe system is smaller than earlier systems.
  • A mainframe is a more powerful computer that does the heavy-duty or very fast data processing speed in large organizations.
 Example of Mainframe computer –

Here is some list of an example of mainframe computer below…

  • A “ViON” mainframe computer manufactured by Hitachi.
  • Honeywell-Bull DPS 7 Mainframe BWW which was built in 1990.
  • CDC 6600
  • IBM’S ES000
  • VAX 8000
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