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What is Output Device?

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By this post, you know about What is an Output device, its type & some facts related to output device because a computer has several output devices connected to your computer, which helps the computer to perform several functions.

Output Device – 

A  Computer hardware device that is used to display result or produce processed data, information with the help of output device is known as an output device.

Output devices are responsible for displaying output in the form of audio – video. When input devices give input to the computer then computer process it and display results to you with the help of output devices. The result of the work done by the processor is also called output device.

Many devices are used to display the output such as monitor and printer. Its Function is to send the processed results to the outside world. It may be a hard copy output or a preview of output (soft copy output).

For example-

The common output devices are monitor, printer & speaker.

  • The monitor lets you see the output on the screen, it produces soft copy.
  • The printer gives you print-out of pictures & letters on paper, it produces hard copy.

Output devices are –

There are many types of an output device for example like –

  • Monitor Or VDU.
  • Printer.
  • Speaker.
  • Headphone.
  • Projector.
  • Soundcard
  • Machine tool

Some facts of output device –

Here are some facts related to output device are given below.

  • Output device shows us result & information that we want, a visual display unit uses a cathode ray tube to display information.
  • A laser printer uses a laser beam to actually burn the characters onto the paper.
  • Voice synthesis has a robotic sound, VAB (voice answer back) is used to respond to telephone inquiries like as – the speaking clock.
  • Plotters are used to produce the graphs or diagram.
  • Robots are able to perform a variety of task as a result of executing instructions contained within a program.
  • Dot matrix printer speed is usually 30-550 characters per second (cps).

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