what is task manager and how to open

What Is Task Manager & How To Open?

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By this post we will aware you about task manager, how to open it in an easy way & some tricks, what are the uses of task manager and lots more… then just read a full article and increase your little bit of knowledge & use this simple tricks  to open task manager and increase the work of your time with messy screen stuck.

first, you have to know about what is a task manager?

Task Manager –

Task manager is a Microsoft Windows Operating Systems Enabled feature or tools which helps you to view, edit Or monitor some of your Windows  Computer systems settings, activities…  it also provides limited information about some computer programs, applications, services, process, performance & running applications. like others – CPU usage, memory, disk Or network activity, & networking – (network connections).

in a simple way-

It helps you to troubleshoot the operating system because sometimes your application, software, program not responding with a computer and your system or screen got stucked – freeze for a second & your application, programs & mouse is also frozen then this tools help you to close forcefully that particular task. it also blinks a message – “close the program” Or “Windows Explorer is restarting”  …

Why it happens – When you use lots of application and open so many tabs in your current browser Or heavy use of your operating systems like – application, games, software, services, & due to over usage of over memory…  sOmetimes you also realize that your operating system was a little bit slower means – (the processing speed).

then this article will help you read to know how to speed up your laptop – desktop –  Smart Step to Speed Up your Windows Computer…

How to open Task Manager In different-2 Ways…

  • Step 1 – Open in an easy way –

Copy this short link & simply paste tO open task manager in anywhere- everywhere like your search bar, run command, cmd –

Short link-

  1. C:\Windows\System32\taskmgr.exe
  2.  ” taskmgr  Or taskmgr.exe


  • To open a run command press windows + key and simply paste any one of the short links in the box – 

just example –  taskmgr.exe “ Or  taskmgr “ or  C:\Windows\System32\taskmgr.exe ” then click Ok.


  • Open search box press only windows key – type in search box –

    “taskmgr” Or “taskmgr.exe” and Click on taskmgr see at the top of your searched result name of – taskmgr
    Click on that to open task manager.


  • Open CMD (command) press Windows + R key Or type in the search box “cmd” and hit enter.

    you know how to open the search box and do the same process in command type “taskmgr” and hit enter ↵ …
  • Step 2 – Permanently fix On your Taskbar surface –

if you want to permanently fix task manager in your taskbar –

then right click on taskbar surface then click on task manager to open the task manager and right click on task manager which is on your taskbar and click on the “pin to taskbar”

  • Step 3 – Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc key –

A simple way – direct open task manager by- press “Ctrl” hold that key and press “Shift” key also hold that key then press “Esc” key…

now your task manager will we open…

  • Step 4 – Create a Shortcut on your desktop –

Right-click on the desktop surface and Select “new” then Click on “shortcut” now Type in the box “taskmgr.exe” and Click on “next”.
now type the name of shortcut like task manager or whatever you want to name it then click on finish… Now see your desktop there will we task manager.

  • Step 5 – Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete –

I mean first Press “ctrl” and hold that key then Press “Alt” key also hold that key & then Press “delete key” –  press these three key in a sequence way .. now you are on window security page now drag your mouse pointer on task managerclick on it..

Now close your unwanted application.

  • Step 6 – In Windows 8 or 10 –

Press “Windows” + “X” key & click on “task manager” Or use the Search box & Type – task manager Or taskmgr & choose the first option..

or talk to “Cortana”  & simply tell her to – “open task manager”

Some features of task manager  –

  1. Application – It shows the list of Currently running Applications, software.
  2. Processes – Contain a list of running programs which need to process to run the operating system.
  3. Services – Shows windows services.
  4. Performance – It shows overall all hardware components like CPU, Ram, Network, Hard-drive and more…
  5. Networking – It shows all Network adaptor present on the computer.
  6. Users –  Its shows all User that currently have a session on the computer.
  7. Run a New task – it will help you to open any programs in an easy way -just for an example if you want to open a chrome browser then click on file and click on new task (run) now type in the box – chrome and hit enter ↵

now your chrome browser will be open …

How To Open Task Manager In Video –

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